Our Teachers

Each of the teachers at Odyssey Yoga is committed to his or her own yoga practice, both on the mat and off. We are all inspired to continue our education, either by attending training, workshops, conferences or local classes. Our teachers have studied with a variety of master yogis from different lineages to bring an amazing depth of wisdom and creativity to our yoga community.

Stacie, Scott, Tiffany, D'Anne, RaeAnne, Cassie, Tricia, Jennifer B., Mary, Brenda, Temple, Dawn, Cathy, Marie, Misty, Jessie

Stacie Finucan


Stacie Finucan has been a passionate and full-time yoga teacher since 2004 when she graduated from the Bikram Yoga College of India teacher training. Along with her family, Stacie opened Solar Yoga in Longmont, CO in 2006 and embarked on the journey of being a studio owner, manager, teacher trainer, and TEACHER! Stacie is most inspired by Baron Baptiste, with whom she has trained 500 hours and is certified by and assists. Any class you take with Stacie, no matter the class style or postures taught, will be full of inspiration, insight, laughter, sweat & tears, and all students will leave her class feeling that it was created just for them. Stacie's classes are filled with lessons learned from so many wonderful teachers, and lessons learned from everyday life. Stacie begins each yoga class with the joy and eagerness that comes from knowing that something great could happen, and probably will! You will be challenged to reach your greatest potential on all levels: physical, mental, and emotional. Come prepared to sweat, laugh, breathe, and find a stillness deep within yourself... and Stacie will come prepared to do the same!

Scott Heleton


Scott Helton discovered Bikram Yoga in 2007 after coming back from living in Europe for a couple of years. While he didn't initially go for the exercise, he thought it might help bring him clarity and out of the funk he was feeling after returning home to the States.

Eventually, he learned to really love the practice, and the new feeling of increased vitality and mind/body connection.

It's the taming of the monkey mind (the false identification with the ego mind)that has been the greatest benefit, and learning that the asana (postures) are just the tip of the iceberg of the real study and practice of Yoga.

It is the greater self-realization as an integral part the unified whole, and the discovery of our true amazing potential as vital, infinite beings that has become the focus of his practice, teaching, and websites CafeNamaste.com, and VitalVibeSource.com.

Since completing Bikram's 9 week Teacher Training in 2009, Scott has loved sharing his enthusiasm for yoga practice, and hopes to help inspire others on their own journey. Beginning his teaching in Boise Idaho, he now enjoys being a part of the awesome yoga community at Odyssey in Longmont, Colorado!

Tiffany Monroe


Tiffany is a proud student of Baron Baptiste, and has completed both levels of the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute's teacher training series. She also completed the Assist Training with Gregor Singleton and Claire Este-Mcdonald, where she deepened her knowledge of hands-on adjustments and anatomy.

Although the Baptiste Power Vinyasa lineage is her first and truest love, she finds great joy in practicing with many different teachers in many different styles bringing a rich variety of philosophy as well as asana into her own teaching style.

Tiffany's own practice changed her life, giving her insight into her life's calling and helping her discover her own unique gifts. This is what she hopes to help others find in themselves. It is her most humble desire to hold a space for her students on their journey to finding their true selves.

Together, with the aid of a committed yoga practice, may we become freer and freer every day.

When you come to Tiffany's class, be prepared to be REAL with yourself, LAUGH and ENJOY the process. "You can't be funky if you don't smell funky." -P. Funk

D'Anne Rudden


She never could have predicted it, but yoga became a life-altering addition to D'Anne's life after her very first class. As a gymnast in her childhood, she immediately recognized the combination of strength, flexibility and conditioning yoga had to offer. It wasn't long before she began to discover that yoga's true power came in the form of deeper benefits, teaching her skills to calm her mind, manage stress and improve her mood.

D'Anne has been teaching weekly vinyasa and restorative yoga classes in Longmont since 2009. She is a 300-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and a 200-hour Yoga Alliance (RYT-200) certified teacher with specialized teacher trainings in Vinyasa Flow and Therapeutic Adaptive Yoga. She continues to be influenced by her primary teachers - Sharon Gannon, David Life, Alanna Kaivalya, Seane Corn and Giselle Mari. D'Anne's classes offer students an individual journey of skilled hands-on adjustments, intelligently sequenced movement and breath, Sanskrit chanting and mantra, mythology and philosophy with a continuous focus on the highest aim of yoga - freedom and happiness. Look for a down-to-earth, lighthearted fusion of eclectic music, insight, story and sequencing to empower and uplift students of all levels.

When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find D'Anne working as a Doctor of Audiology, specializing in hearing loss and tinnitus treatment. She loves hanging out with family and friends, seeks inspiration in everything from pop culture to cooking shows and is always looking for her next travel opportunity.

RaeAnne Roseman


One of RaeAnne's greatest gifts is her awareness and understanding of when to challenge students to go further, and when to encourage students to back off. When RaeAnne is teaching in the room, she completely present and aware of what is going on with each and every one of her students; she empowers each of her students to become the best that their bodies and minds will allow in that moment. When you practice with RaeAnne, you will feel loved for who you are, as you are, and you will walk away from each class feeling strong and inspired.

RaeAnne's teaching journey began at Samadhi Center for Yoga & Meditation, where she completed a 250 hour Hatha Yoga training that focused on many different styles of yoga practice, including restorative and therapeutics. Shortly after, RaeAnne eagerly sought out more training to deepen her own practice as well as her passion for teaching others; she has taken Therapeutic and Restorative training workshops with Judith Hanson Lasater, and Baptiste Power Yoga trainings and workshops. She is now a certified Baptiste teacher, having completed both Level I & II Teacher Trainings and the Art of Assisting program with Baron Baptiste.

RaeAnne is outgoing, fun and free-spirited; she loves the outdoors, slack lining and snowboarding. When she is not in the yoga room or on the mountain, you can find RaeAnne spending quality time with family and friends, which of course includes her gentle giant English Mastiff dogs

Cassie Bailey


Cassie Bailey is a versatile and passionate yoga instructor who is always looking to expand her knowledge and mastery of her practice. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing with her Merchandise Marketing degree, Cassie returned home to Colorado. Drawn to an active and outdoor lifestyle including rock climbing, hiking and camping, she discovered hey affinity for yoga in the winter of 2011. Always one to take charge, she signed up for teacher training at the Boulder Corepower yoga studio before having attended a single class. Without a predilection for any particular style, Cassie enthusiastically took on the Hot, Hot Power Fusion and extension programs and quickly became a talented and driven instructor.

After moving on from Corepower in 2012, Cassie began teaching private lessons as well as additional courses at Life Time Fitness Center in Westminster and Hot Method Yoga in both Westminster and Longmont. She continues to train, research and teach all forms of the practice, most notably the varied styles of presenting Bikram yoga. She is currently excited about the new opportunities and adventures ahead as Longmont's Hot Method studio takes on new challenges and transitions into Odyssey yoga.

As a dedicated and vibrant part of the yogi community, Cassie looks forward to each and every day and sharing the light that grows within herself to the outside world.

Tricia Cusick


Yoga has truly transformed Tricia’s life. She had spent nearly two decades pounding the pavement in 5 and 10-K races and half-marathons, and racking up miles in the saddle on her road bike. After two car accidents left her with permanent neck pain, she decided to take a hard look at what was going on in her body and mind. It was time to slow down, step back, and pay attention. She began studying Hatha yoga in 1995. Yoga became an important and necessary part of her life. After spending hours on her mat, she began to see that life was more than checking things off her list. This realization ignited her desire to share what she learned. Completing her teacher training in May 2009 with Dana Julius, Tricia is a 200-hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher. Dana—who teaches a fusion Hatha yoga style based on her many years of training in Yoga Therapy, Power, Bikram and Sivananada Yoga—provided Tricia with a deep toolbox from which to build her classes.

Along her path, Tricia has had the opportunity to participate in workshops, intensives and immersions with many talented and studied yoga teachers. She has been most influenced by time spent with Seane Corn and Annie Pace – each teaching from a straightforward, direct, honest, & simple place, without pretence.

Jennifer Brennan


Jennifer specializes in the Restoration and Evolution of YOU! Be prepared to indulge in an hour of self-care. Each class is an offering to meet yourself just as you are. Leave the idea of "doing" at the door as we experience delving into, simply being. You will be invited to explore the deeper landscape of self and uncover the innate joy that lives within. With her warm, friendly, down to earth style, you will be nourished as we move thru the Anjali Restorative Yoga Spinal sequence. With the use of supportive props, gentle music and essential oils. Enjoying the benefits of weaving together rest, relaxation and self- inquiry. You are sure to leave class and re-enter your life feeling more clear, integrated and in a refreshed state.

2007 was the beginning of Jennifer's yoga journey. Finally responding to a subtle feeling that was present for years to try yoga. Her first class was amazing, difficult and humbling. She discovered that yoga was a gateway to allowing life to unfold and evolve from within.

Her first studies were completed in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Dana Julius. In 2009 she trained with Shannon Paige and was certified in Anjali Restorative Yoga® and Tattva Elemental Healing®. In 2011 Jennifer was introduced to the most profound practice yet… iRest Yoga Nidra®. Studying with her teacher and founder of iRest, (Integrative Restoration) Richard Miller PhD. She is delighted to be sharing this research based, ancient practice, that has been adapted for modern times. In 2014 she completed the intensive certification process and is now one of five certified iRest Yoga Nidra Teachers in Colorado.

Along with her passion for teaching in both groups and privately, other loves include: Enjoying her boys, being a Hospice Volunteer, hiking, scuba diving and spending time in her home state of Montana.

Mary Hoppe


Mary Hoppe has been practicing yoga since 1982. It is the foundation for all aspects in her life. She has studied many types of yoga including Vinyasa Flow, Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Kundalini. She has a strong background in dance and is a professional dancer. She uses a hands-on approach to help guide her students to reach their full potential. She invites you to come from a relaxed place, finding grace and beauty in your yoga practice.

In 2008 she attended a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program with Dana Julius and also a Level 1 Certification with Core Power Yoga. Currently, she is continuing her training with Stacie and Sara at Odyssey Yoga and studying Thai Yoga massage. You can see more at Mary's website www.yogadancearts.com.

Brenda Haviland

Brenda's picture is coming

Originally from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Yoga, teaching, health and fitness have always been a part of her life in some way! Competing competitively in high school and college in both track and cross country taught Brenda early about body awareness and becoming more efficient and effective overall as this awareness is increased. At University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where Brenda earned her undergraduate degree yoga became a crucial addition to her life as she desired to continue to run…without a yoga practice it was quickly discovered that injury was much more prone to happening! Taking several Iyenger classes at UWM gave Brenda a solid foundation from which to grow. Since then yoga has just grown for Brenda, not only in asana practice but in everyday life…you don't just do yoga, you live it!! :)

In 2004 Brenda Moved to CO, taking her first ever Bikram yoga class…90 minutes; 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises later she felt "right". She attended the Bikram yoga teacher training in the spring of 2010 and has been teaching ever since. "It has been such a valuable gift to share this practice with people of all sorts", she states! "It can work for all types of bodies and people, making it one of the most therapeutic practices ever". Brenda has helped beginners and advanced practitioners alike change their lives in so many ways: from rehabbing and healing injured athletes, to helping addicts give up what controls their lives; from helping others regain self-fulfillment to unveiling what a "painless" life can be.

In addition to teaching yoga Brenda is a wife, mother of two, an assistant teacher at a public Montessori School, and an avid athlete. Her love of activity and life organized around nature will guarantee you find her running, biking, hiking, or even camping in the mountains quite often. She is truly passionate about life and all that it can be if you only set your mind to it!!

She hopes to find YOU, on YOUR mat giving back to YOU, very soon.

"In order to be the best that you can be for others you have to take care of oneself first!"

Temple Hay

Temple's picture is coming!

Temple Hay is a RYT-Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, and is certified through the Seva Teacher Training, at Yoga Pod in Boulder. She lovingly infuses her classes with pranyama (intentional breath), asana (postures), mudras (seals), dristi (disciplined gazing), and bandas ( energy locks) with the timeless ancient yoga teachings in vinyasa, flow sequences that build strength, focus, balance, and flexibility.

Committed to the healing arts and wellness, Temple is a graduate of Goddard College in Vermont, studying multi-cultural healing, and an advance massage therapist, with sixteen years of practice. Understanding that body, mind, and spirit are one, be ready to explore, challenge, and radiate your divine being in her classes. All levels are welcome and encouraged!

Dawn Mitchell


Dawn began seeking a yoga lifestyle at 16 years old. Over the years, her practice has evolved to fit her life as she grew and changed. Years ago, she first studied Iyengar style yoga and then was drawn toward Vinyasa. Dawn has completed yoga teacher trainings in Sivananda style, Amrit style, and most recently Bikram yoga.

Dawn feels that teaching yoga is an opportunity to share some of the joy that she has found in her own yoga practice. Yoga has been such an important part of her life, both physically and emotionally, always coming back to find herself through her yoga practice. Dawn hopes to see you in one of her classes soon!

Cathy Maxwell


A late bloomer, Cathy started getting serious about yoga in her early 40's through Bikram yoga, then became interested in other styles, and before she knew what had happened, it was a full-blown addiction. She got her 200 hour RYT in May 2012 through Peak Beings Unified Yoga in Costa Rica (yeah, life is tough...); and she earned her Silver Age Yoga certification in the summer of 2014, a course that focuses on common conditions that affect the senior population and how to accommodate them in a yoga class. Cathy volunteers in the community to bring Silver Age Yoga and chair yoga to seniors at retirement facilities.. Her full time job is teaching preschool, where she incorporates yoga and mindfulness in her teaching. She teaches Kids Yoga and enjoys every minute of it! She loves the way kids can learn through fun and games, which keeps her young at heart, too.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, Cathy is a writer who travels as much as possible and shares her musings about yoga and other subjects for elephantjournal.com and on her personal blog.

Marie Bernard


Marie's first goal upon becoming a retired teacher was to complete the 9 week yoga training, which was accomplished fall, 2012. Now, not only does she continue to practice the core 26+ 3 times a week, she is also teaching the core 26+. Marie was drawn into the hot yoga core 26+ at 55 years of age. She says staying healthy is a challenge. Find balance, build strength, become calmer in life, and even get a cardiovascular workout for 90 minutes! Marie hopes to see you and meet you in class.

Misty Gwin


Misty began her journey of yoga 10 years ago by stepping into a bikram class. Hot, exhausting and exhilarating , different than anything she had done, this class changed her life. Practicing since that day feeling and watching the changes within herself, it was a natural evolution to take the next step to became certified. In October 2012 a 200-hour yoga alliance certified training, with Odyssey Yoga owner Stacie Finucan, gave her a new appreciation and a deeper love and passion for the practice of yoga.

Believing that each class is a true honor to teach, a space to grow and create community, Misty brings her passion to each class she teaches, be prepared for challenges, light heartedness, and belonging.

Jessie Fliss


Jessie's yoga journey began in 2008 when she walked into the "wrong" exercise room at the gym. 90 vigorous minutes later of barely being able to touch her toes while listening to sequences in the foreign language of Sanskrit, she was hooked. Yoga was the best 'mistake' that ever happened to this Jersey girl.

After regularly practicing under her Jivamukti teachers in NYC and NJ, Jessie decided to receive her teacher training with the hopes of inspiring and challenging others, as she had the great fortune to have had herself.

In 2012, Jessie completed her 200 hour certification at Lotus Yoga in NJ and moved to Colorado shortly after. Influenced by Jivamukti style and the vibrant sounds and colors of NYC, her teachings ignite awareness of the inner self through a playful, upbeat class setting with energetic music. When she's not on her mat, Jessie can be found hiking with her pups and husband, and running her yoga-inspired dog treat business.

Jessie is grateful to all whom she has encountered on this wild yoga journey, but is especially grateful to her teachers: Gilli Axel, Susan Steiner, Jeffrey Scios and Cheryl Deer.

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